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Alexander, W.
The Lowestoft Guide (Alexander, W.; Yarmouth, 1812)
Allen, William H. & Co.
Scenes and Characteristics of Hindostan (Allen, William H. & Co.; London, 1835)
Allman, T. & J.
Arch, J. & A.
A Description of Malvern (Stourport, 1822)
The Female Spy (London, 1783)
The Widowed Missionary's Journal (Southampton, 1827)
Baldwin & Co.
Journal of a Tour in France (Baldwin & Co.; Brentford, 1821)
Notes of a Journey in the North of Ireland (Baldwin & Co.; London, 1828)
The Tour of Africa (Baldwin & Co.; London, 1819)
Bentley, Richard
A Summer amongst the Bocages and the Vines (Bentley, Richard; London, 1840)
Paris and the Parisians in 1835 (Bentley, Richard; London, 1835)
The East India Sketch-Book (Bentley, Richard; London, 1832)
Two Years at Sea (Bentley, Richard; London, 1834)
Vienna and the Austrians (Bentley, Richard; London, 1838)
Blackader, W.
Blackwood, William
Observations on Italy (Blackwood, William; Edinburgh, 1825)
Bond, T. J.
A Journal of Eighteen Days Excursion (Bond, T. J.; Plymouth, 1830)
Booth, John
A Tour in France (Booth, John; London, 1808)
Bulmer, William & Co.
Butterworth, J. & Son
Cadell, Thomas & Co.
A Picture of Monmouthshire (Cadell, Thomas & Co.; London, 1802)
A Sketch of Modern France (Cadell, Thomas & Co.; London, 1798)
A Tour, Performed in the Years 1795-6 (Cadell, Thomas & Co.; London, 1802)
Account of the English Colony in New South Wales (Cadell, Thomas & Co.; London, 1804)
Letters from France [Vol. 1] (Cadell, Thomas & Co.; London, 1790)
Cawthorn, James
Cockrane, James & Co.
Sketches of Bermuda (Cockrane, James & Co.; London, 1835)
Colburn, Henry & Co.
A Summer in Brittany (Colburn, Henry & Co.; London, 1840)
France (Colburn, Henry & Co.; London, 1817)
Italy (Colburn, Henry & Co.; London, 1821)
Narrative of a Residence in Ireland (Colburn, Henry & Co.; London, 1817)
Narrative of a Ten Years' Residence at Tripoli in Africa (Colburn, Henry & Co.; London, 1816)
Souvenirs of a Summer in Germany (Colburn, Henry & Co.; London, 1837)
The City of the Sultan (Colburn, Henry & Co.; London, 1837)
The Idler in Italy (Colburn, Henry & Co.; London, 1839)
The River and the Desert (Colburn, Henry & Co.; London, 1838)
Travels in Southern Africa (Colburn, Henry & Co.; London, 1812)
Voyages and Travels in Various Parts of the World (Colburn, Henry & Co.; London, 1813)
Combe, T.
A Walk through Leicester (Combe, T.; London, 1804)
Constable, Archibald & Co.
Journal of a Residence in India (Constable, Archibald & Co.; Edinburgh, 1812)
Rome, in the Nineteenth Century (Constable, Archibald & Co.; Edinburgh, 1820)
Cooke, W. B.
Richmond and Its Surrounding Scenery (Cooke, W. B.; London, 1832)
Curry, William & Co.
Two Months at Kilkee (Curry, William & Co.; Dublin, 1836)
Dalton, W. H.
Darton & Co.
A Journal of Voyages and Travels (Darton & Co.; London, 1822)
Present State of the Colony of Sierra Leone (Darton & Co.; London, 1832)
The Happy Travellers; or, a Trip to France (Darton & Co.; London, 1817)
The Irish Tourist (Darton & Co.; London, 1837)
Dodsley, J.
Eleven Additional Letters from Russia (Dodsley, J.; London, 1785)
Duncan, James & Co.
Narrative of a Journey to the Site of Babylon (Duncan, James & Co.; London, 1839)
Narrative of a Residence in Koordistan (Duncan, James & Co.; London, 1836)
Eade, W.
Fisher, Son & Co.
Character and Costume in Turkey and Italy (Fisher, Son & Co.; London, 1839)
Views in India, Chiefly among the Himalaya Mountains (Fisher, Son & Co.; London, 1838)
Fuller, S.
Souvenirs of a Tour on the Continent (Fuller, S.; London, 1827)
Gow, George
Travels in Algeirs [sic], Spain (Goyder; London, 1824)
Harris, John & Co.
Alfred Campbell, the Young Pilgrim (Harris, John & Co.; London, 1825)
Hatchard, John & Son
Narrative of the Passage of the Pique across the Atlantic (Hatchard, John & Son; London, 1837)
Tour to the Sepulchres of Etruria (Hatchard, John & Son; London, 1840)
Heathcote, E.
Hill, Peter
Hookham, Thomas
History of a Six Weeks' Tour (Hookham, Thomas; London, 1817)
Hutchinson, John
Life in America (Hutchinson, John; Hull, 1838)
Johnson, Joseph
Kearsley, G. & C.
Knight, Charles
The Backwoods of Canada (Knight, Charles; London, 1836)
Lane, William
Travels from the Cape of Good Hope (Lane, William; London, 1790)
Leggat & Co.
Views in the Pyrenees (Leggat & Co.; London, 1831)
Leigh, Samuel
An Appendix to the Descriptions of Paris (Leigh, Samuel; London, 1820)
Pencillings of a Journey to Boulogne (Lestourgeon; Cambridge, 1840)
Longman & Co.
A Residence in France (Longman & Co.; London, 1797)
A Spinster's Tour in France, the States of Genoa (Longman & Co.; London, 1828)
Africa Described (Longman & Co.; London, 1828)
An Excursion from London to Dover (Longman & Co.; London, 1806)
Description of Latium (Longman & Co.; London, 1805)
History of the Isle of Man (Longman & Co.; London, 1816)
Journal of a Residence in Chile (Longman & Co.; London, 1824)
Journal of a Voyage to Brazil (Longman & Co.; London, 1824)
Letters from Brussels (Longman & Co.; London, 1835)
Letters from Portugal and Spain (Longman & Co.; London, 1809)
Letters from the Mountains (Longman & Co.; London, 1806)
Letters from the North Highlands (Longman & Co.; London, 1817)
Letters on India (Longman & Co.; London, 1814)
Sierra Leone; or, the Liberated Africans (Longman & Co.; London, 1835)
Sketches in the Pyrenees (Longman & Co.; London, 1837)
Summer Excursions (Longman & Co.; London, 1809)
Views of Society and Manners in America (Longman & Co.; London, 1821)
Low, Sampson
Macrone, John
A Picture of the New Town of Herne Bay (Macrone, John; London, 1835)
Madden, J. & Co.
The East India Voyager (Madden, J. & Co.; London, 1839)
Mason, W. H.
Mawman, Joseph
A Narrative of a Three Years' Residence in France (Mawman, Joseph; London, 1810)
Merridew, Henry
Middle Hill Press
Fragment of a Tour (Middle Hill Press; Middle Hill, 1835)
Miller, William
Tunbridge Wells, and Its Neighbourhood (Miller, William; London, 1810)
Mitchell, J.
The Captive American (Mitchell, J.; Carlisle, 1797)
Moxon, Edward
Stories of Strange Lands (Moxon, Edward; London, 1835)
Murray, John & Co.
Belgium and Western Germany in 1833 (Murray, John & Co.; London, 1834)
England in 1835 (Murray, John & Co.; London, 1836)
First Impressions on a Tour upon the Continent (Murray, John & Co.; London, 1819)
Journal by Frances Anne Butler (Murray, John & Co.; London, 1835)
Letters from Italy to a Younger Sister (Murray, John & Co.; London, 1840)
Letters from the Caucasus and Georgia (Murray, John & Co.; London, 1823)
Letters from the Irish Highlands (Murray, John & Co.; London, 1825)
Lisbon in the Years 1821, 1822, and 1823 (Murray, John & Co.; London, 1824)
Narrative of a Journey from Calcutta to Europe (Murray, John & Co.; London, 1829)
Narrative of a Residence in Belgium (Murray, John & Co.; London, 1817)
Narrative of a Three Years' Residence in Italy (Murray, John & Co.; London, 1828)
Sketches Descriptive of Italy (Murray, John & Co.; London, 1820)
Switzerland, as Now Divided into Nineteen Cantons (Murray, John & Co.; London, 1815)
Travels in Europe between the Years 1824 and 1828 (Murray, John & Co.; London, 1828)
Travels on the Continent (Murray, John & Co.; London, 1820)
Voyage of H.M.S. Blonde to the Sandwich Islands (Murray, John & Co.; London, 1827)
Newman, A. K.
The Young Northern Traveller (Newman, A. K.; London, 1813)
Nichols, John
Orme, G.
A Young Englishman`s First Residence in Jamaica (Orme, G.; Ashton-under-Lyme, 1836)
Orr, W. S. & Co.
An Autumn Ramble on the Wye (Orr, W. S. & Co.; London, 1838)
Parbury, Allen & Co.
Observations on the Mussulmauns of India (Parbury, Allen & Co.; London, 1832)
Phillips, Richard
Letters from Italy (Phillips, Richard; London, 1800)
Patriotic Sketches of Ireland (Phillips, Richard; London, 1807)
Picture of Palermo (Phillips, Richard; London, 1800)
Travelling Sketches in Russia and Sweden (Phillips, Richard; London, 1809)
Phillips, William
Report on a Recent Visit to the Colony of Sierra Leone (Phillips, William; London, 1828)
Plummer & Brewis
Redstone, J.
Recollections and Legends of Serk (Redstone, J.; Guernsey, 1840)
Richardson, W.
Letters on Iceland (Richardson, W.; London, 1780)
Rickerby, Joseph
Private Journal of a Visit to Egypt and Palestine (Rickerby, Joseph; London, 1836)
Rickman, Thomas Clio
Rivington, C. & J.
A Tour through the Upper Provinces of Hindostan (Rivington, C. & J.; London, 1823)
A Journey Made in the Summer of 1794 (Robinson; London, 1795)
A Tour in Switzerland (Robinson; London, 1798)
Letters from France [Vol. 2] (Robinson; London, 1792)
Letters from France [Vol. 3] (Robinson; London, 1793)
Letters from France [Vol. 4] (Robinson; London, 1793)
The Terra Incognita of Lincolnshire (Robinson; London, 1816)
Travels in the Crimea (Robinson; London, 1802)
Rodwell & Martin
Italian Scenery (Rodwell & Martin; London, 1820)
Sams, William
A Ten Years' Residence in France (Sams, William; London, 1821)
Saunders & Otley
France, in 1829-30 (Saunders & Otley; London, 1830)
Rambles in the South of Ireland (Saunders & Otley; London, 1839)
Retrospect of Western Travel (Saunders & Otley; London, 1838)
Six Years Residence in Algiers (Saunders & Otley; London, 1839)
Society in America (Saunders & Otley; London, 1837)
Tour of a German Artist in England (Saunders & Otley; London, 1836)
Traits and Traditions of Portugal (Saunders & Otley; London, 1833)
Visits and Sketches at Home and Abroad (Saunders & Otley; London, 1834)
Western India in 1838 (Saunders & Otley; London, 1839)
Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada (Saunders & Otley; London, 1838)
Saunders, John
Lincolnshire in 1835 (Saunders, John; Lincoln, 1835)
Lincolnshire in 1836 (Saunders, John; Lincoln, 1836)
Seeley & Burnside
Letters from Ireland MDCCCXXXVII (Seeley & Burnside; London, 1838)
Sherwood, Jones & Co.
New Russia (Sherwood, Jones & Co.; London, 1823)
Simpkin, Marshall & Co.
Six Weeks on the Loire (Simpkin, Marshall & Co.; London, 1833)
The Land Log-Book (Simpkin, Marshall & Co.; London, 1836)
Smith, Elder & Co.
Cutch; or, Random Sketches (Smith, Elder & Co.; London, 1839)
Sketches of Corfu (Smith, Elder & Co.; London, 1835)
Smyth, Joseph
A Tour in the Isle of Wight (Spottiswoode; London, 1822)
Stockdale, John
A Tour to Milford Haven (Stockdale, John; London, 1795)
Symonds, H. D.
Journal of His Tour to Paris (Symonds, H. D.; London, 1800)
Taylor & Hessey
Treuttel & Würtz
Recollections of Egypt (Treuttel & Würtz; London, 1827)
Virtue, George
The Beauties of the Bosphorus (Virtue, George; London, 1838)
Ward, Thomas & Co.
Sabbaths on the Continent (Ward, Thomas & Co.; London, 1835)
Warren, John
Westley & Davis
My Travels (Westley & Davis; London, 1837)
Whittaker & Co.
Domestic Manners of the Americans (Whittaker & Co.; London, 1832)
Excursions in Madeira and Porto Santo (Whittaker & Co.; London, 1825)
Journal of a Tour in France, Switzerland, and Italy (Whittaker & Co.; London, 1823)
Rambles in the Footsteps of Don Quixote (Whittaker & Co.; London, 1837)
Venice under the Yoke of France and Austria (Whittaker & Co.; London, 1824)
Vignettes of Derbyshire (Whittaker & Co.; London, 1824)
Whyte, William & Co.
Hill and Valley, or Hours in England and Wales (Whyte, William & Co.; Edinburgh, 1838)
Scotland and the Scotch (Whyte, William & Co.; Edinburgh, 1840)
Shetland and the Shetlanders (Whyte, William & Co.; Edinburgh, 1840)
Williams, J.
Wilson, Effingham
Tour in England, Ireland, and France (Wilson, Effingham; London, 1832)
Tour in Germany, Holland and England (Wilson, Effingham; London, 1832)
A Short Journal of a Tour (Richmond, 1837)
Juvenile Researches (Easebourne, 1835)
Original Letters from India (Calcutta [India], 1816)
Views in Orkney (London, 1810)