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Letters on Iceland

Published 1780
Author Troil, Uno von
Translator Dixon, Susannah Dorothy
Title Letters on Iceland: Containing Observations on the Civil, Literary, Ecclesiastical, and Natural History; Antiquities, Volcanos, Basaltes, Hot Springs; Customs, Dress, Manners of the Inhabitants, &c. &c. Made during a Voyage Undertaken in the Year 1772, by Joseph Banks, Esq., F.R.S. Assisted by Dr. Solander, F.R.S. Dr. J. Lind, F.R.S. Dr. Uno von Troil, and Several Other Literary and Ingenious Gentlemen. Written by Uno von Troil, D.D. First Chaplain to His Swedish Majesty, Abaquer of the Swedish Orders of Knighthood, and Member of the Academy of Sciences at Stockholm, to Which Are Added the Letters of Dr. Ihre and Dr. Bach to the Author, Concerning the Edda and the Elephantiasis of Iceland: Also Professor Bergman’s Curious Observations and Chemical Examination of the Lava and Other Substances Produced on the Island. With a New Map of the Island, and a Representation of the Remarkable Boiling Fountain Called by the Inhabitants Geyser.
Publisher’s imprint London: Printed by and for W. Richardson, in the Strand; also for J. Robson, in New Bond Street, and N. Conant, in Fleet Street M DCC LXXX [1780].
Format 8o; 1 vol.: pp. [iii]-xxvi. 400; plate; map
Sources Cox 1:185; ESTC T38526
Copy inspected ECCO II
  1. Editions: Uppsala and Leipzig 1779(Germ.), 1780, Dublin 1780, 1780(2nd), Paris 1781(French), 1783(3rd).

  2. Reviews: New Annual Reg. (Jan. 1780): 67-74; Monthly Rev. 63 (Sept. 1780): 187-98; Edinburgh Mag. 50 (26 Oct. 1780): 92-95, cont. (2 Nov. 1780): 121-23.

  3. Dixon (identified as translator for the identical Dublin edition in ECCO) translated the 1779 German edition, in its turn translated by Johann Georg Peter Möller (1729-1807) from the original Swedish.

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Genre Narrative letters
BTW record no. BTW1234
Region Iceland

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