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Letters from France [Vol. 1]

Published 1790
Author Williams, Helen Maria
Title Letters Written in France, in the Summer 1790, to a Friend in England; Containing, Various Anecdotes Relative to the French Revolution; and Memoirs of Mons. and Madame Du F–––-. By Helen Maria Williams.
Publisher’s imprint London: Printed for T. Cadell, in the Strand. M.DCC.XC. [1790].
Format 12o; 1 vol.: pp. [iv]. 223
Sources ESTC T91663
Copy inspected ECCO BL
  1. Editions: Dublin1791, Boston1791, Paris1791(French), 1791(2nd), 1792(3rd), NewYork1794(2nd Amer.), 1794(4th), 1796(5th).

  2. From 1791(2nd), London editions appeared under imprint of G. G. and J. Robinson. Williams also wrote companion volumes under the title Letters from France which Robinson designated as: vol. 2, 'Second Edition' (1792) [BTW1210]; vol. 3 (1793) [BTW1211]; and vol. 4 (1793) [BTW1212]. As each of these is also a discrete volume of new matter, they are included here separately.

  3. Reviews: Analytical Rev. 8.4 (Dec. 1790): 431-35; General Mag. (Dec. 1790): 541-43; Monthly Rev. 3 (Dec. 1790): 429-30; Universal Mag. 87.609 (Dec. 1790): 289-93; Critical Rev. 1, ser. 2 (Jan. 1791): 117-18; English Rev. 17 (Jan. 1791): 21-23.

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Genre Narrative letters
BTW record no. BTW1196
Region France

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