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Traits and Traditions of Portugal

Published 1833
Author Pardoe, Julia Sophia H.
Title Traits and Traditions of Portugal. Collected during a Residence in that Country. By Miss Pardoe. In Two Volumes.
Publisher’s imprint London: Saunders and Otley, Conduit Street. 1833.
Printer’s colophon B. Bensley, Printer.
Format 12o; 2 vols: pp. xii. 308(I), iii. 338(II)
Sources Corvey; NSTC 2P3019; Robinson
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  1. Dedicated ‘To Her Royal Highness The Princess Augusta’.

  2. Editions: Philadelphia 1834.

  3. Reviews: Athenaeum (2 Nov. 1833); Monthly Rev. 3.4 (Dec. 1833): 459-68; Court Mag. 4.1 (Jan. 1834): 42; Tait's Edinburgh Mag. 4 (Jan. 1834).

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Genre Narrative
BTW record no. BTW1127
Region Ethiopia

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