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A Journal of a Tour in Italy

Published 1836
Author Murray, Anne Elizabeth Cholmley
Title A Journal of a Tour in Italy.
Publisher’s imprint London: Privately Printed. [1836].
Format 12o; 5 vols: pp. [iii]-xxiv. 356(I), [v]-xviii. 331(II), [v]-xxii. 336(III), [v]-xxiii. 353(IV), [v]-xxviii. 279(V)
Sources lst Google; NSTC 2I5333; OCLC 315471942
Copy inspected BL 10129.bb.18; HT YUL, vols 1, 5
  1. T.p. epigraph: [Il bel paese / Ch’ Appenin parte e’ l mar circonde e l’Alpe. Petrarcha: Sonnetto CXIV.].

  2. Dedicated ‘To Mrs. C * * * * * * * *’. [‘To you, my dearest Julia, I dedicate this Journal ...’]; unidentified.

  3. The last entry in the journal is for 26 May [1836], hence the conjectural dating of these volumes.

  4. Full text links: HaithiTrust vol. 1, vol. 5

Genre Narrative journal
BTW record no. BTW1122
Region Italy

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