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The Beauties of Leamington Priors and Its Environs

Published 1813
Author Medley, Sarah
Title The Beauties of Leamington Priors and Its Environs; to Which Is Added a Series of Remarkable and Well-Authenticated Cures Performed by the Celebrated Waters of Its Spa; Rules of the Charity, Distance of Rides, &c. &c. With Plate. By Sarah Medley, Author of Original Poems Sacred and Miscellaneous, &c. &c.
Publisher’s imprint Warwick: Published by E. Heathcote, Bookseller and Stationer; and Sold by the Booksellers in Warwick; F. C. and J. Rivington, and Hunter, St. Paul's Church-Yard, London; Lang, Liverpool; Wood, Lucas, Thomson and Wrightson, and O. Smith, Birmingham; at the Public Places in Leamington; and by Merridew and Son, Coventry. 1813.
Format 16o; 1 vol.: pp. [1]. 52. [2]; fold. plate.
Sources xNSTC; xOCLC
Copy inspected Hive LP 942.4
  1. Consists of 'The Beauties of Leamington' (1-38), a verse guide to the spa town in heroic couplets; a short introduction to the various cures effected by the waters, followed by short testimonial letters (39-48); 'Lines by Mr. Benjamin Satchwell' (49-50); 'Rules of the Leamington Spa Charity' (51-52); a list of physicians ([53]); and 'Distances of Rides' ([54]). Inspected copy ends here and is perhaps incomplete.

  2. Referred to in Gentleman's Mag. (July 1813), 8, as ‘Miss S. Medley’s new Poetical Guide to the Beauties of Leamington Priors’.

Genre Guidebook
BTW record no. BTW1111
Region England

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