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The Captive American

Published 1797
Author Johnson, Susannah
Editor Chamberlain, John Curtis
Title The Captive American; or a Narrative of the Sufferings of Mrs. Johnson, during Four Years Captivity, with the Indians and French. Written by Herself.
Publisher’s imprint Carlisle[:] Printed and Sold by J. Mitchell: Sold also by T. N. Longman, Paternoster-Row, Vernor and Hood, Birchin-Lane, and W. Lane, Leadenhall-Street, London; Cameron and Murdoch, Trongate, Glasgow; Morison and Son, Perth; A. Guthrie, Edinburgh; and W. Chalmers, Dumfries. [1797].
Format 8o; 1 vol.: pp. 77
Sources ESTC T116646
Copy inspected ECCO BL
  1. T.p. epigraph: [“How many bleed / By shameful variance betwixt man and man! / How many pine in want and dungeon glooms, / Shut from the common air and common use / Of their own limbs! How many drink the cup / Of misery!” Thomson.]; adapted from James Thomson, The Seasons (1746), 'Winter', ll. 330-35.

  2. Editions: Walpole, NH 1796(1st Amer. edn), Carlisle 1797, Ayr 1802, Ayr 1803, Windsor, VT 1807(2nd), Lowell [USA] 1834(4th).

Genre Narrative
BTW record no. BTW1095
Regions Canada, United States

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