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Juvenile Researches

Published 1835
Authors Dudley, Howard, Dudley, Mary Elizabeth Southwell
Title Juvenile Researches, or a Description of Some of the Principal Towns in the Western Part of Sussex, and the Borders of Hants. Interspersed with Various Pieces of Poetry, by a Sister: and Illustrated by Numerous Wood Engravings Executed by the Author. The Whole Being Composed and Printed, by a Boy of 14.
Publisher’s imprint Easebourne. 1835.
Format 16o; 1 vol.: pp. [iii]-v. [1]. 123; plates; illus.
Sources BBT, 116; lst Google; NSTC 2D154; OCLC 558534195
Copy inspected BL b.44.a.14
  1. T.p. epigraph: ["I pencill'd things I saw, / And profited by things I heard."]; masthead epigraph for The Tourist; or, Sketch Book of the Times, nos 1-6 (Mon., Sep., 17, 1832-Mon., Oct. 22, 1832), where it is attributed to an unidentified 'Letter of a Walking Gentleman'.

  2. Dedicated 'To His Beloved Mother'; Sarah Cove Dudley. Dedication signed H.D. [i.e. Howard Dudley]; poems signed M.E.D. [i.e. Mary Elizabeth Dudley].

  3. Editions: Easebourne 1835(2nd).

  4. Reviews: Gentleman's Mag. 6, n.s. (Sept. 1836): 300-301 [by John Gough Nichols].

Genre Topographical description
BTW record no. BTW1051
Region England

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