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A Sketch of Modern France

Published 1798
Author Beaumont, Louise Elisa
Editor Moody, Christopher Lake
Title A Sketch of Modern France. In a Series of Letters to a Lady of Fashion. Written in the Years 1796 and 1797, during a Tour through France. By a Lady. Edited by C. L. Moody, LL.D. F.A.S..
Publisher’s imprint London: Printed for T. Cadell Jun., and W. Davies in the Strand. 1798.
Format 8o; 1 vol.: pp. viii. 518
Sources Cox, 1: 168; ESTC T117774
Copy inspected ECCO BL; Google UMich
  1. T.p. epigraph: [What changes fill the cup of alteration! Shakesp.]; adapted from 2 Henry IV, III.i.52.

  2. Reviews: Analytical Rev. 27 (Jan. 1798): 14-21 [signed. 'A.R.']; Edinburgh Mag. 11, n.s. (Feb. 1798): 118-20 [extracts]; Gentleman's Mag. 68.4 (Apr. 1798): 309-15; Monthly Rev. 25 (Apr. 1798): 437-45; Scots Mag. 60 (May 1798): 338-42; Critical Rev. 23 (Aug. 1798): 391-97; Monthly Mag. and Amer. Rev. 1.1 (Apr. 1799): 72-76 [extracts]; British Critic 14 (Aug. 1799): 207.

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Genre Narrative letters
BTW record no. BTW1008
Region France

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