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Ann Deane

Deane, Ann née Deane, 1770—1847

by Benjamin Colbert

Ann Deane was the eldest daughter of John Deane, Esq., of Hartley Court, Berkshire, a magistrate and receiver for the county, and Sarah Ann Deane (d. 1818). In 1786, she married her cousin Capt. Charles Meredith Deane (1762-1815), of the 24th Light Dragoons, with whom she had two sons, Charles Deane (1791-1853) and the Reverend John Bathurst Deane (1797-1887), born at the Cape of Good Hope. While her son Charles remained in England, the rest of the family sailed to India in 1799, where her husband served in the Mahratta wars. She returned to England when her son reached the age of 8 in order to enrol him in Bath Grammar School. With her eldest son, now 14, she then rejoined her husband and remained in India until 1814, a year before her husband died. She herself died at Bath in 1847.


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Title Published
A Tour through the Upper Provinces of Hindostan 1823

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